Bisexual Politics

Normally my column, sexR, would address current issues, however, exceptions are always made. And this following excerpt allows for examination of what seems to be a taboo topic in the realm of sexuality, male bisexuality. For the record, I’m not a fan of politicians and this can be a buffOOn consideration. Not sure why I’m in a sympathetic mood and this publication firmly believes in equality and providing a fair chance, so we’ll leave it up to you:


Sen. Larry Craig, The senator from Idaho who made headlines after being accused of soliciting bathroom sex – gay bathroom sex, no less – is resigning. (and for those of you that didn’t catch the wordplay, it’s more oral = mo’oral = m’oral = moral)



  • Giving up his seat after 25 years in congress
  • His wife Suzanne and some of their children.


Although leading GOP officials had called for Craig to step down, he held on for a while, contending he’d done nothing inappropriate and his only mistake was pleading guilty Aug. 1 to the misdemeanor charge.


Ironically, Craig opposes gay marriage and has a strong record of voting against gay rights.


I am not gay. I never have been gay,” Craig said defiantly after a news conference Tuesday. He said he had kept the incident from aides, friends and family and pleaded guilty “in hopes of making it go away.”


the Gung Ho Perspective:

Bisexuality from a girl-on-girl viewpoint has become more socially acceptable or seemingly acceptable because all the media outlets are male dominated. Only recently has homosexuality started to filter in mainstream as something that public opinion may warm up to (as long as the men are hot). Male bisexuality, which probably represents a small percentile, isn’t even on the map. Except in a case like this. Perhaps Craig is right in his assertion that he is not gay, but he still enjoys the trouser trout when it comes out. On the topic of coming out, the chances of his wife’s acceptance of his dual desires probably wouldn’t have gone done well at the dinner table, so he’s driven to go undercover. Which raises the question of honesty and he is in not holding himself accountable for this one (not that politicians hold themselves accountable for much anyways). It’s not easy being in that position and I suppose it’s hard for him to balance these things, now shit has hit the fan. The upside to this is that he doesn’t have to carry on with the charade.


Take a spin through the casual encounters of online dating sites, such as and you will find validation of this issue of male bisexual activity and lack of social acceptance. Even in homosexual communities, bisexuals are looked upon as outsiders.

Source: September 1, 2007, (photo)



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