Letter to My 17 Year Old Self


This is before you have a pin put in your broken collar bone after that hockey tournament. That course in high school, physics, should have paid more attention, has a big impact on your life in the near and long term future.

The maxim, ‘no pain, no gain’, I can see why you’re not a big fan of it.  You will find out that there are many levels of it, physical, emotional, spiritual; all of which lead you to subscribe to ‘pain is a great teacher’ but there has to be a better way than the ‘hero’s journey’ to attain wisdom.

Breaking your collarbone, luckily the only bone you will break, is a blessing in disguise.  Say hello to weight training, fitness, nutrition, meditation, yoga, reiki, energy healing…not right away but this definitely was the catalyst.


Be glad you had the fear of your father and the grit to say no to drugs, alcohol, smoking and PEDs. You’ll see a lot of great athletes that you grew up with become prime candidates for heart attacks and look nothing like their former athletic selves because of lifestyle choices.  You’re not off the hook with you sweet tooth so go easy on Dairy Queen blizzards, ya I know, they don’t exist yet but you are going to be hooked.

Hockey!  Football!  Tennis!  Cross country running!  Beach Volleyball???  Yep, had that been a sport in your teens you would’ve kissed hockey good bye.  What a blast it is.   You will never regret the countless hours spent training and gazillion reps nor the untold character building lessons any of these athletic endeavors have taught you however you will pay a price physically for it.  Kudos to the person that invents foam rollers in all their different shapes and sizes.

To the first girl I would have married at 26, thank you for being the first to break my heart and rightfully so.  That time period opened me to some great therapists and therapies, poetry, stand up comedy, feng shui , beach volleyball, meditation and Thailand and a much needed introduction to naturopathic medicine that altered my life.


You’re going to get a rescue dog, a chocolate lab, because you think it’d be cool to have a dog like when you were a kid.  I’m laughing so hard right now because the first two weeks of having that dog changes one big stripe on your head from brown to grey.  He’s going to change your life in ways you never imagined.  Some of the best life lesson’s come in your early 40’s.  He’s going to be a guide and you will come to know the beauty of emotional availability, vulnerability, forgiveness, innocence, self love and so much more.  It ain’t going to be easy but it’s worth it.  Gratitude.

You’re going to own a few businesses.  Cool eh?  Not really, you’re going to be broke most of the time if you don’t wise up about your relationship with worthiness and abundance.   Landscaping will toughen you up and teach you about Mother Nature’s real beauty, she’s a psychotherapist and personal trainer all in one.  Crossfit, P90x will make you laugh after spending summers digging and hauling rock.

Did I mention you’re going to own a fitness studio, in a beautiful loft of all places, and create an organic juice bar with a smoothie menu that will be the healthy version of Dairy Queen blizzards???  Yep.  Losing it is going to be a tough one to swallow but you’ll bounce back with some help.

How you view life now at 17 is going to impact you for almost 30 years with a lot of stuff changing, for the better, sometimes quickly other times very slowly.  I mean like slower than watching paint dry, like a tree will grow faster, my point is seriously,  how thick can your skull be??   Your lense is a bit jaded but love in it’s various forms, will continue to guide you and then everything finally becomes clearer.  When you’re 46 the letter you write to your 57 year old self will be short and sweet.


Post written by Merlin X, creator of buff4.  Forever indebted to fitness and health for providing an arena of infinite growth and opportunity and looking forward to sharing as much as possible though this medium.