Observing the Culture of Health

the evolution of buff

buff1. n. leather made from buffalo or ox hide; light yellow colour; bare skin; polishing pad

buff2. n. expert on some subject

buff3. adj. physically fit or in great shape

buff4. warning. pending classification from Health Canada as a mood-enhancing supplement.

the purpose

Cannot be defined, only described. buff4 is an evolving medium that observes the dynamic culture of health.

The vision, aside from the reference to animal hides, is one of expertise on some subject in the bare-skinned tradition of naked innocence and inquiry. If the scientific community does not have all the answers, we cannot claim too either.

As a polishing pad buffs the surface to achieve a higher level of clarity, so will we. The intent is to provide thought provoking perspectives with a dash of entertainment.

the platform

Curiosity. Authenticity. Expression.


A Merlin X Production


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