Le Petite Mort Gets Jacked

Le petite mort is a term referring to the sensation of an orgasm and its approximation to death.

Imagine what a 6 ton orgasm would do?

It’s a little more serious than blindness, it is death itself as one 50 year old man in Japan found out when his 6 ton porn collection fell on him.

Getting Rammed 

If you can’t imagine what six tonnes looks like, imagine at least two of these on top of each other on top of you.


Double DD’s with a Few Extra OOOs

The average weight of a magazine is 250g.

That means this guy had like 22 000 magazines in his collection and was crushed by a stack of them.

I’m not sure what the moral of the story is because I’m still scratching my head.

Post written by Merlin X.

Source: The Toronto Sun, Mar 3, 2017


Women Did You Know > The Big O = Brain Function Better

photo.PNG(source Women’s Health Jan2014)


So the study implies that orgasms are good for your brain.  Are the implications Einstein-like in nature?  Will memory be better and how would that impact academic outcomes?   Will there be a mad rush to the restrooms prior to exams to see if everything that was studied the night before your final was really absorbed when you ace your exam?   If a women has multiples does she open the flood gates to an instant understanding of quantum physics?

Is this a great opportunity for therapists everywhere to really get down and actually help their clients finally experience their first orgasm so that they too may be part of the Brainiac Bubble?


Being the helpful person that I am, I’ve taken the initiative to lend you ladies a hand ( figuratively speaking )
– cost of batteries for your BOB = $5 or less
– cost of a non-battery operated bf = $10 and up
– recommendations for the women that are environmentally friendly, yes they have ‘green dildos’: click
– highly recommended: click
– for those where money is not an object ($1500 plus) and apparently highly endorsed by Howard Stern: click

Seriously, how the hell does someone get funding for these studies?  Is it a recruiting ploy by the porn industry to attract college coeds?  Was it funded by The Energizer Bunny?

ps. post title written that way on purpose because it illustrates the absurdity of this so called health news

New Exercise Motivator – The Tripod Effect of Porn



Let’s try and make this study sound important with the closing statement that aggressive sports clips (is that like watching guys celebrating and smacking each other’s butts, perhaps it’s more like Lingerie Football League video promos?) or motivational training videos can have a similar effect ( does Lady Sonia comes to mind or do they mean Youtubing Al Pacino’s speech in Any Given Sunday?)


Now as a hypothetical participant in this study, my first question would be: Why the squat test?  I’ve just finished watching a porn vid and might be sporting a woody which could make things uncomfortable and awkward at the same time.   Second question: How did you dupe your faculty into paying you to study the effects of porn on weight lifters to procure a Ph.D?   Third question:  What other exercises did you get them to improve on?  A plank?

source: Men’s Health June 2013

$200 000 Testicle


but we have the right one in our sights!A U.S. air force veteran has filed a federal claim after an operation at a Veterans Administration hospital in which a healthy testicle was removed instead of a potentially cancerous one.

Benjamin Houghton, 47, was to have had his left testicle removed June 14 at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center because there was a chance it could harbour cancer cells. It also was atrophied and painful.

But doctors mistakenly removed the right testicle, medical records and the claim, which seeks US$200,000 for future care and unspecified damages, show. He still hasn’t had the other testicle removed. [1]

MA’AM, IT WASN’T CANCER IN THE FIRST PLACE, SORRY ABOUT THE CHEMO and the C. difficile. A 62-year-old Quebec woman is suing her pathologist after she underwent painful chemotherapy after being wrongly diagnosed with cancer.

Muriel Lavallée, of Ste-Therese, located outside Montreal, is seeking $200,000 in damages for physical pain, psychological suffering, and loss of salary. At the hospital, she contracted C. difficile, a sometimes fatal infection, and had to be hospitalized again for another three weeks. [1]


The medical establishment figures those are pretty good odds for the amount of surgical errors that occur on an annual basis in the United States. So what if we leave a few tools in you. And if you’re obese, hey it’s your fault. You’ve got more padding to hide things in.


References:[1] CBC.ca April 2007; jpeg = The Globe and Mail, Jan 2003