This is a tale of Do-It-Yourself gastric bypass surgery. Do not try this at home without the guided assistance of professionals. Shrinks included.


The cost of gastric bypass surgery and other bariatric surgical procedures are high averaging between $20,000 and $35,000.” (1)

Gastric bypass surgery is a procedure where a portion of your stomach is stapled shut. Thus, creating a smaller stomach that can only allow reduced quantities of food to be ingested. The end result, self-controlled portions, reduced caloric intake and potential weight loss. This procedure has been recommended only as a last case scenario for those that are morbidly obese, meaning that their weight will lead to death. However, it is a procedure that in some places can be paid for out of pocket and is used as a cosmetic procedure for those that have been unable to sustain weight loss for prolonged periods. This is a very loose description of the concept of gastric bypass surgery.

Surgery that helps an obese patient lose weight can also reduce the body’s ability to properly absorb certain nutrients, in particular vitamin B1. And that deficiency can lead to permanent brain damage if left untreated, researchers say.”(2)


Staples in one’s diet refer to items such as bread, meat, pasta, diary and vegetables. Let’s not forget sweets, at least in my diet anyways. These were regular items on my plate for just over a quarter century until one day things changed.


At the age of 21 I started getting undetermined allergic reactions at an infrequent pace. After 5 years had elapsed, these reactions were happening on a regular basis and I was popping antihistamines every few days. Nothing like being rendered useless and in a fit of itching for 20 minutes until the effects kicked in.


Dropped 30 pounds in a few months. You’re thinking great! I’m thinking, not when your weight is only 160 pounds. With this downward spiral came a drop in energy and outlook.


After a battery of tests and seeing multiple doctors in various fields over a course of many months, I hit a wall. How is it possible to receive the same prognosis of ‘there’s nothing wrong with you’ and still feel and look like shit?




Courtesy of $1300 and six months of supervision under the care of a naturopathic doctor I finally got some answers to the state of my condition.  After the integration of a number of lifestyle changes, my energy levels shot up to points I hadn’t felt in years, the anti-histamines went into the trash and my weight stabilized at 160 again.


A stool test for just over $300.  Not only was I amazed by the full colour nutrient absorption breakdown but the connection to many of the ailments I was experiencing.  Irritable bowel syndrome being another result of the internal breakdown.


Going through a detox program.  My kidney and liver were not functioning properly. Go figure, I guess my habit of NEVER having been drunk or drinking for that matter, coupled with my lack of smoking and drug intake, were still wreaking havoc on my organs.


Have you heard of: kamut, quinoa, almond milk or hemp protein?  Have you ever tasted rice protein, soy mayonnaise, soygourt, veggie burgers, spelt pasta or tahini butter?  I basically cut out chicken and red meat from diet (represents about 3% of my overall diet), eliminated milk, pasta, bread, eggs. I added fish, which was not the only thing to become an acquired taste, and a number of other new menu items over a course of months and years.  If someone told me I would no longer eat cereals, pizza, enjoy milkshakes, I would have told them their, nuts.  Which was another new staple I’ve had to apply.  From time to time I still indulge in some of the former staples but in all honesty, the effects are immediate due to an elevated state of body awareness, and usually it’s not pleasant. Look for more about the toughest staple to pull (my sweet tooth) in a future issue!


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