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continued from “The Shit We Do To Ourselves”

This warning about botox effects being reviewed furst appeared in February 2008:

Health Canada is informing Canadians of an ongoing safety review of distant toxin spread potentially associated with Botox and Botox Cosmetic. A similar review was recently announced by the US Food and Drug Administration linking Botox and Botox Cosmetic (Botulinum toxin Type A), and Myobloc (Botulinum toxin Type B) to cases of adverse reactions, including respiratory failure and death, following treatment of a variety of conditions using a range of doses.
This article was published in 2006.  Apologies for potential ‘crow’s feet’ effects due to eye squinting when reading.   The headline says it all pretty much though.


Source: GlobeandMail Feb 2006




A couple months ago I was reading an article in the Globe and Mail pertaining to the use of words in association with affluence, title and power. Of interest is this concept of power associated with the ability to drop words that only people with a higher level of education and status can understand. Basically creating a spoken word clique that yet again strokes egos in a different way and alienate others.

Now I’m firmly rooting for the evolution of the human race and constantly butt heads with people about the choice of words I use. Lord knows my vocabulary is not that elaborate and communication problems usually arise over semantics more than anything so, what’s the point? If we look at this image it seems that communication has come full circle, just with less hair and persistent gender differences. Meaning, MSN messenger is not original with its emoticons but is the perfect medium to address what gets lost in translation using the English language and particularly maybe be archaic as well. (btw, there is no pt. Remember, a sphincter is and does because its form follows function. Get it! 😉 If you think about the way technology is changing the way we communicate via MSN messenger, text messaging and so on, is it nor more efficient? I mean we use fewer letters (usually they’re the silent ones so less space and time are required to make a point), there are no accents to distinguish, if the person is illiterate or not, it doesn’t really matter because we’re both spelling things incorrectly. Syntax however does become problematic and everything is becoming a run on sentence.

The deconstruction process of communication is still evolving, almost getting to a point where there is a common language breaking down many barriers and creating new ones I suppose. I mean, think about this, ‘porn-pelepathy’! The possibilities are endless, now you don’t have to type a thread of erotica, the person you’re fantasizing with or about, knows everything in an instant because you’re mutually reading minds!

(source of image: Discover Magazine Top 100 of 2006)


Really, if you don’t understand a word, look it up. Expand your vocabularic horizons (that’s right, I just made up a new word!) I’m smrt and I still look things up! And if I have to dumb things down because of your lazy ass get someone to create an auditory spell check with dictionary and thesaurus capabilities to ease conversational discrepancies on the spot.

SMARTEN UP part Deux

We do live in a stupid society: think about it, for all those that are so educated look at the insanity around you and tell me is that smart?

Item #1 – 600 chemicals wrapped in paper that causes cancer and you smoke it to feel better?

Item #2 – You pay roughly $500 to inject a deadly bacteria into your skin to make you look younger?

Item #3 – We work half our weeks to give it up to a pathetically inefficient self-serving governing body?

Item #4 – We spend more time in front of an artificial reality than enjoying the wonders of a real one outdoors and then wonder why our waste lines (not a typo) expand and we feel miserable?

SMARTEN UP – Third Strike

They say knowledge is power but I’m certain that the parents of those overeducated and unemployed offspring that still live at home may think otherwise. Conversely, those of us paying high rent for low quality construction closets may not be so intelligent either. Put this in perspective, you’re paying $325 per square foot to live in the city, you deal with construction delays while they hold your money which is collecting interest and at the end of the day you’re paying a mortgage and maintenance fees and property taxes on thin air if you live in a condo.


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