Le Petite Mort Gets Jacked

Le petite mort is a term referring to the sensation of an orgasm and its approximation to death.

Imagine what a 6 ton orgasm would do?

It’s a little more serious than blindness, it is death itself as one 50 year old man in Japan found out when his 6 ton porn collection fell on him.

Getting Rammed 

If you can’t imagine what six tonnes looks like, imagine at least two of these on top of each other on top of you.


Double DD’s with a Few Extra OOOs

The average weight of a magazine is 250g.

That means this guy had like 22 000 magazines in his collection and was crushed by a stack of them.

I’m not sure what the moral of the story is because I’m still scratching my head.

Post written by Merlin X.

Source: The Toronto Sun, Mar 3, 2017


10×10, The Best Training Protocol


Actually this is not the newest fad training protocol meant to make you shed pounds in days or get buff in a week (although it would be an incredible workout).
It’s the answer to how much space do you need to set up a comfortable home gym to eventually attain all those fitness goals.
10 feet x 10 feet.
That’s it, an ideal, versatile fitness operation at your finger tips. So on a technicality it is the best foundation for any type of training protocol, fad or not. If you live in a climate where there’s no snow/cold winters, it’s a great outdoor set up in your backyard.

How did I arrive at this revelation?
After owning a private training studio for 7 years where I used this equipment in my space, I can honestly* say you don’t need anything else. More recently, the space I live in has been my proving ground.
*Well if you’re an athlete training for sport a power rack is a key ingredient that you could add/substitute for the Bowflex system, you would just have to amend some of the equipment you buy.

10×10 Fun
In this area you can:
-perform jump training.
-train with your partner / friend.
-move around equipment to create a circuit without interruption
-you still have room to fit a piece of cardio equipment like a foldable treadmill or stationary bike
-space for a BOSU or Swiss ball or wobble board
-you can set up therabands on your bowflex station to create an additional training station so you can rapidly change from exercise to exercise without having to adjust
power rods.


The Cost
Brand new, roughly under $3000.
Pays for itself in 3 years if you cost compare with average gym membership (not including if they charge you bull**** sign up / admin fees or if you purchase in house personal training).
Used, you can get it half price in excellent condition.

The Challenge
What’s your level of self-determination? Even when I had my studio and was surrounded by fitness gear in a live work loft, there were times where I really didn’t want to train. At home even worse, the TV or internet can completely derail any good intent. So, how committed are you and how often do you renew your commitment?

When All Else Fails

On Deck
Fitness to D.I.E For: How to maximize your great home set up
Exercise video posts coming demonstrating the effectiveness of the ‘D.I.E.’ system.

Post written by Merlin X, former owner of theLOFT Fitness Studio.

Send an email to fitnesswizard99@gmail.com to set up a consultation/program development session for your own D.I.E set up.

I Give Up Being Happy

I grew up seeking happiness and have definitely enjoyed a fair bit of it. I have attempted to recreate scenarios to evoke these feelings of goodness.  I have spent monumental amounts of energy and money trying to create happiness.  Happiness can be like a good one night stand but then you seek that pleasure through a variety of the same medium but different forms.  I can honestly say that yes, sometimes you have the power to create happiness and sometimes you don’t.  Other times something in your external environment resonates with you and you feel it.  Watching my dog amuse himself or play makes me happy . One would think that there is an instant association between dog and happiness but in my case I guarantee it’s not true. Every time I go for a walk by water or in nature I usually feel some therapeutic benefits in one way or another, the amplitude of the effect can be strong or mellow.  This may be run of the mill for many.  What I didn’t expect was the question in my mind,  “Why do I want to hold on to this?”   Yep, cue the crazy train.


If I don’t want negative feelings to last why would I expect or want positive ones too?  Nor had I ever considered the thought of sharing, anonymously, the feel good vibes.  Let me explain, you put out to the universe a question seeking resolution, or asking for something.  Sometimes the universe delivers a response.  Apparently the universe is an equal opportunist, you can also put out into the universal matrix the intent to share this feel good energy and let it find someone who could use a boost.  It’s like making a deposit into a global account of happy.   Sometimes when I feel good for no reason and become aware of this energy,  I send out that vibe to the universe with a general intent – give this to someone who could use it.  Which leads to another realization, it’s energy.  I don’t own it, I can feel it, express, share it, evoke it but I don’t own it.  I am responsible for it and can hold myself accountable to it so it’s like I’m a transient point of conduction.

This doesn’t mean I don’t want to be happy, it does mean I’m not trying to manifest it anymore either, but this important lesson came to me as a residual effect of the meditative process.

Written by Merlin X, a practitioner and instructor of meditative methods for 2o years.  For more on meditation visit nurtureurnature.ca 

Encroaching Enlightenment


My Buddha, The Cockroach

I was away from home for the first time in 12 years.First trip anywhere without the family. First trip with a girlfriend.First trip that turned out to be a 3 month backpacking adventure in Thailand. First 14 hours of a 72 hour determination, no sleep allowed, full on meditation, in a 10 by 25 foot room.First time attacked by a cockroach

How is it that you can go over 2 weeks without seeing a single solitary roach (which during the trip was a common occurrence) and then get attacked by one?Are roaches not worthy enough to be on temple grounds and this was a renegade roach?How did I find myself in this predicament?

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New Exercise Motivator – The Tripod Effect of Porn



Let’s try and make this study sound important with the closing statement that aggressive sports clips (is that like watching guys celebrating and smacking each other’s butts, perhaps it’s more like Lingerie Football League video promos?) or motivational training videos can have a similar effect ( does Lady Sonia comes to mind or do they mean Youtubing Al Pacino’s speech in Any Given Sunday?)


Now as a hypothetical participant in this study, my first question would be: Why the squat test?  I’ve just finished watching a porn vid and might be sporting a woody which could make things uncomfortable and awkward at the same time.   Second question: How did you dupe your faculty into paying you to study the effects of porn on weight lifters to procure a Ph.D?   Third question:  What other exercises did you get them to improve on?  A plank?

source: Men’s Health June 2013