Le Petite Mort Gets Jacked

Le petite mort is a term referring to the sensation of an orgasm and its approximation to death.

Imagine what a 6 ton orgasm would do?

It’s a little more serious than blindness, it is death itself as one 50 year old man in Japan found out when his 6 ton porn collection fell on him.

Getting Rammed 

If you can’t imagine what six tonnes looks like, imagine at least two of these on top of each other on top of you.


Double DD’s with a Few Extra OOOs

The average weight of a magazine is 250g.

That means this guy had like 22 000 magazines in his collection and was crushed by a stack of them.

I’m not sure what the moral of the story is because I’m still scratching my head.

Post written by Merlin X.

Source: The Toronto Sun, Mar 3, 2017


Botox – The Shit We Do To Ourselves

The warning from Health Canada reads:  Botox Can Spread

It has caused deaths.  In children.  Children??  Calm down before you scrunch your face so hard you’re a candidate for an injection too!  Apparently there are 2 forms of the product.  One for treatment of spasms and one for facial wrinkles.  Not sure how different the two are though.  For more on the warning

Botox Quick Stats brought to you by Women’s Health Magazine:


Which leads, maybe not, to something that would make you scratch your head:  Why the hell would you pay so much to put a toxin in your body/face that can (A) potentially kill you  (B) isn’t all that effective  (C) makes part of your face look like one of those under-the- skin zits not quite ready to pop  (D) was designed for biological warfare in WWII?