Le Petite Mort Gets Jacked

Le petite mort is a term referring to the sensation of an orgasm and its approximation to death.

Imagine what a 6 ton orgasm would do?

It’s a little more serious than blindness, it is death itself as one 50 year old man in Japan found out when his 6 ton porn collection fell on him.

Getting Rammed 

If you can’t imagine what six tonnes looks like, imagine at least two of these on top of each other on top of you.


Double DD’s with a Few Extra OOOs

The average weight of a magazine is 250g.

That means this guy had like 22 000 magazines in his collection and was crushed by a stack of them.

I’m not sure what the moral of the story is because I’m still scratching my head.

Post written by Merlin X.

Source: The Toronto Sun, Mar 3, 2017

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The Shit We Do To Ourselves

The warning from Health Canada reads:  Botox Can Spread

It has caused deaths.  In children.  Children??  Calm down before you scrunch your face so hard you’re a candidate for an injection too!  Apparently there are 2 forms of the product.  One for treatment of spasms and one for facial wrinkles.  Not sure how different the two are though.  For more on the warning

Botox Quick Stats brought to you by Women’s Health Magazine:


Which leads, maybe not, to something that would make you scratch your head:  Why the hell would you pay so much to put a toxin in your body/face that can (A) potentially kill you  (B) isn’t all that effective  (C) makes part of your face look like one of those under-the- skin zits not quite ready to pop  (D) was designed for biological warfare in WWII?

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Another major American industry is asking for assistance as the global financial crisis continues: Hustler publisher Larry Flynt and Girls Gone Wild CEO Joe Francis said Wednesday they will request that Congress allocate $5 billion for a bailout of the adult entertainment industry. (Editor’s Query: does this include lap dances for all parties involved??)

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Blame Your Small Penis on Your Mom Too!


Exposure of expectant mothers to phthalates, a common ingredient in many plastics, has been linked to smaller penis size and incomplete descent of testicles in their baby boys, according to a new research paper that found the chemical also appears to make the overall genital tracts of boys slightly more feminine.

The findings are sure to add more controversy to phthalates, a chemical that is added to polyvinyl chloride plastic to make it less brittle, and to many types of personal care products including fragrances, hair sprays and nail polish.

(Editor’s Irony: phthalates…phalus..hmmm…see the connection, it’s a conspiracy!  Editor’s Irony part deux:  While Mommy is spending so much effort maintaining MILF status, she’s potentially jeopardizing her offspring’s family jewels)

The research was conducted on children from three different areas of the United States, and found a strong statistical correlation between expectant mothers who had above-average levels of the chemical in their urine while pregnant and the feminizing effect on their sons.

(Editor’s Note: Can you see the homophobic preacher association jumping all over this, they’ll corkscrew this feminizing effect of their sons into a possible reason/connection/cause for gay boys.  Somebody better inform Dan Savage)

Phthalates are “probably reproductive toxins and should be eliminated from products gradually because we don’t need them,” said Shanna Swan, director of the Center for Reproductive Epidemiology at the University of Rochester’s school of medicine, who led the team of scientists who examined the boys.

The paper is published in the current issue of the journal Environmental Research.


The Virginia-based American Chemistry Council, which represents the makers of the chemical (Exxon Mobil, BASF, Ferro Corp., and Eastman Chemical), issued a statement saying it “cautioned against over-interpreting any individual study.” (Editor’s Query: Is anyone surprised at this statement?)

Scientists have been investigating the possible effects on boys of phthalates because rodent studies have shown the chemical has the peculiar ability to shorten the space between the anus and the genitalia in male mice exposed during fetal development. This space, known as anogenital distance or AGD, is normally about twice as long in young male mice than in females. For mice, AGD is considered a measure of masculinity and a way to determine the sex of the pups. Scientists are so confident of the effect that they’ve given the impact of the chemical on male rodents a name – phthalate syndrome.

Surveys of children have also found that there is a marked sexual difference for this trait in humans, too, with the length in boys about 50 per cent more than in girls.

Dr. Swan’s research, conducted on 106 boys from Los Angeles, Columbus, Missouri and Minnesota, is among the first to raise the possibility that phthalate syndrome may also be at work in humans, because it found pregnant women with the highest amount of phthalates were markedly more likely to give birth to boys who had shorter anogenital distances.

When the boys were compared, none of the 29 with a shorter AGD were born to women who had low amounts of phthalates, while among the boys with a long space, only one was born to a mother with a high amount of the chemical.

The difference in the genital distance between the high-exposure and low-exposure boys was slight – around 3 to 4 per cent.

The paper also showed that incomplete descent of the testicles was “significantly” associated with mothers having more of the type of phthalate used in polyvinyl chloride plastic.


This phthalate, known as DEHP, has been listed as a toxic substance in Canada, and Health Canada has proposed but not implemented a prohibition limiting the chemical to no more than 0.1 per cent of the weight of toys used by young children.

Phthalates may have adverse effects because they are able to reduce testosterone synthesis by interfering with an enzyme needed to produce the male hormone.  This raises worries that they may alter any process dependent on the hormone that choreographs male development. Phthalates can easily leach out of products, enabling humans to absorb them through diet, skin and inhalation.

Dr. Swan cautioned that the research was conducted on a relatively small number of boys, and the findings need to be independently verified by other investigators. It also isn’t known what effect, if any, the chemical might have on the fertility of the boys, later in life, because the group would need to be followed into adulthood.

Nonetheless, Dr. Swan said she believes labelling laws need to be strengthened to allow consumers to choose whether to buy products or packaging that contain phthalates.

Cosmetics often contain phthalates, but the chemical isn’t specifically mentioned because it is included in other listed items, such as fragrances.

Dr. Swan says she tries to buy phthalate-free cosmetics and doesn’t store or microwave food in plastic containers, among other steps, to minimize her own exposure.

(Editor’s Delirium: Ok, I waited until the end of this article to play with it, the content that is 😉   Dr. Swan?!?  I mean, how could you not jump all over this?   What kind of name is that other than that of a hot pornstar playing out the fantasy of 3 billion males??   Seriously though folks,  this is not something to shake a stick at,  first there was soy with its estrogen mimicking effects and now these cosmetic products.  Does someone out there have it in for the male species??   I can see a Cross-dresser lobby getting excited to endorse these products too.  For real, all you soccer moms out there, take one for the team and boycott these potentially stunting products.)

Source: TheGlobeandMail Oct 2008

Watch Out for Your Nuts…or Beans??

As your reading this, carefully consider if there’s a conspiracy going on, because apparently Asians don’t really eat a lot of soy products.  Soy apparently was considered a peasant food. The other thing about this is that yet again, overweight people become an issue.  So, maybe the health benefits of soy are actually aimed at population control and/or wiping out all of the other races.  If there is a lower sperm count the survival of the species becomes limited to fewer and fewer swimming spermies!   Regardless, the fact that soy has estrogenic effects on men, meaning you become more female-ish,  is enough to cut it out of the diet.  🙂

Tofu a day, sperm goes away: study

A new study has found that men who consume more soy products have lower sperm counts, especially if they are overweight.

The study, published in yesterday’s online version of the journal Human Reproduction, found that men who ate the most soy food had 41 million fewer sperm per millilitre than those who did not consume soy products.

“What we found was men that had the highest intake of soy foods had a lower sperm concentration,” said Jorge Chavarro of the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, who led the study.

He believes this happens because soy contains isoflavones, a naturally occurring compound that can mimic the effects of estrogen.

Previous studies have linked high consumption of isoflavones with infertility in animals, but Dr. Chavarro’s research is the first to show a similar effect in humans.

The study analyzed the semen of 99 men who attended a U.S. fertility clinic between 2000 and 2006. The men were asked how often they ate soy products, including tofu, tempeh, soy milk and other soy products such as ice creams, cheeses and energy bars.

The average intake of soy for those with the highest consumption levels was about half a serving a day, although some men in that group ate as many as four servings a day. (A standard serving of tofu was 115 grams.)

The researchers also found that soy food intake had the greatest impact on sperm concentrations among those who were also overweight or obese.

This may be because overweight men already have higher levels of estrogen, Dr. Chavarro said.

“It’s possible that when you already have very high levels of estrogen, an additional source of an estrogen-like compound may become an issue, but not if you’re a lean man,” he said.

This may explain why soy does not seem to affect fertility among Asian populations, for whom it is a food staple, he said. Obesity is not as common in Asian populations as it is among Western men.

In Dr. Chavarro’s study, it was not clear whether the reduction in sperm count was a factor in the subjects’ fertility issues, and he believes it is too early to warn people away from soy.

“I guess if somebody already knows they have a low sperm count and they’re very avid consumers of soy foods they could try stopping it, but there’s no guarantee that’s going to help them,” he said.

Isoflavones are present in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including black beans, peas and other legumes, but are most concentrated in soy.

The average sperm concentration for men ranges between 80 million and 120 million per millilitre. But even with reduced sperm count, men are capable of conceiving a child, said Dr. Chavarro, and soy seemed to have no other adverse effect on the sperm.

The study corrected for other factors that may affect sperm count, such as age, caffeine intake and smoking.

There have been two other studies on the connection between soy and sperm count. One, a study of 14 young men, found no change in semen quality, while the other, which followed 48 men, found that isoflavone intake had a positive effect on sperm count.

The men in Dr. Chavarro’s study were predominantly white, and he plans to test the connection with different ethnic groups, as well as with larger sample sizes.

Source: TheGlobeandMail.com

Wascally Wabbit….bugs bunny can’t touch this Yosemite!!!

1984 to some was the year of Big Brother, to the Japs and Cali’s, Big Brother took on a better vibe and self pleasure has never been the same. Methinks men better start worshipping the goddess because they can’t touch this. The Energizer Bunny now has a serious soul mate for tantric pleasure…hahaha. By the way, when you click on the image, the type is still somewhat hard to read, perhaps proof that the five knuckle shuffle does cause blindness, so run out and get a back copy of Women’s Health April 2008.

Bisexual Politics

Normally my column, sexR, would address current issues, however, exceptions are always made. And this following excerpt allows for examination of what seems to be a taboo topic in the realm of sexuality, male bisexuality. For the record, I’m not a fan of politicians and this can be a buffOOn consideration. Not sure why I’m in a sympathetic mood and this publication firmly believes in equality and providing a fair chance, so we’ll leave it up to you:


Sen. Larry Craig, The senator from Idaho who made headlines after being accused of soliciting bathroom sex – gay bathroom sex, no less – is resigning. (and for those of you that didn’t catch the wordplay, it’s more oral = mo’oral = m’oral = moral)



  • Giving up his seat after 25 years in congress
  • His wife Suzanne and some of their children.


Although leading GOP officials had called for Craig to step down, he held on for a while, contending he’d done nothing inappropriate and his only mistake was pleading guilty Aug. 1 to the misdemeanor charge.


Ironically, Craig opposes gay marriage and has a strong record of voting against gay rights.


I am not gay. I never have been gay,” Craig said defiantly after a news conference Tuesday. He said he had kept the incident from aides, friends and family and pleaded guilty “in hopes of making it go away.”


the Gung Ho Perspective:

Bisexuality from a girl-on-girl viewpoint has become more socially acceptable or seemingly acceptable because all the media outlets are male dominated. Only recently has homosexuality started to filter in mainstream as something that public opinion may warm up to (as long as the men are hot). Male bisexuality, which probably represents a small percentile, isn’t even on the map. Except in a case like this. Perhaps Craig is right in his assertion that he is not gay, but he still enjoys the trouser trout when it comes out. On the topic of coming out, the chances of his wife’s acceptance of his dual desires probably wouldn’t have gone done well at the dinner table, so he’s driven to go undercover. Which raises the question of honesty and he is in not holding himself accountable for this one (not that politicians hold themselves accountable for much anyways). It’s not easy being in that position and I suppose it’s hard for him to balance these things, now shit has hit the fan. The upside to this is that he doesn’t have to carry on with the charade.


Take a spin through the casual encounters of online dating sites, such as www.craigslist.com and you will find validation of this issue of male bisexual activity and lack of social acceptance. Even in homosexual communities, bisexuals are looked upon as outsiders.


CityNews.ca September 1, 2007, (photo) http://people.monstersandcritics.com/news/article_1350614.php/Sen._Larry_Craig_to_leave_office