10×10, The Best Training Protocol


Actually this is not the newest fad training protocol meant to make you shed pounds in days or get buff in a week (although it would be an incredible workout).
It’s the answer to how much space do you need to set up a comfortable home gym to eventually attain all those fitness goals.
10 feet x 10 feet.
That’s it, an ideal, versatile fitness operation at your finger tips. So on a technicality it is the best foundation for any type of training protocol, fad or not. If you live in a climate where there’s no snow/cold winters, it’s a great outdoor set up in your backyard.

How did I arrive at this revelation?
After owning a private training studio for 7 years where I used this equipment in my space, I can honestly* say you don’t need anything else. More recently, the space I live in has been my proving ground.
*Well if you’re an athlete training for sport a power rack is a key ingredient that you could add/substitute for the Bowflex system, you would just have to amend some of the equipment you buy.

10×10 Fun
In this area you can:
-perform jump training.
-train with your partner / friend.
-move around equipment to create a circuit without interruption
-you still have room to fit a piece of cardio equipment like a foldable treadmill or stationary bike
-space for a BOSU or Swiss ball or wobble board
-you can set up therabands on your bowflex station to create an additional training station so you can rapidly change from exercise to exercise without having to adjust
power rods.


The Cost
Brand new, roughly under $3000.
Pays for itself in 3 years if you cost compare with average gym membership (not including if they charge you bull**** sign up / admin fees or if you purchase in house personal training).
Used, you can get it half price in excellent condition.

The Challenge
What’s your level of self-determination? Even when I had my studio and was surrounded by fitness gear in a live work loft, there were times where I really didn’t want to train. At home even worse, the TV or internet can completely derail any good intent. So, how committed are you and how often do you renew your commitment?

When All Else Fails

On Deck
Fitness to D.I.E For: How to maximize your great home set up
Exercise video posts coming demonstrating the effectiveness of the ‘D.I.E.’ system.

Post written by Merlin X, former owner of theLOFT Fitness Studio.

Send an email to fitnesswizard99@gmail.com to set up a consultation/program development session for your own D.I.E set up.

Women Did You Know > The Big O = Brain Function Better

photo.PNG(source Women’s Health Jan2014)


So the study implies that orgasms are good for your brain.  Are the implications Einstein-like in nature?  Will memory be better and how would that impact academic outcomes?   Will there be a mad rush to the restrooms prior to exams to see if everything that was studied the night before your final was really absorbed when you ace your exam?   If a women has multiples does she open the flood gates to an instant understanding of quantum physics?

Is this a great opportunity for therapists everywhere to really get down and actually help their clients finally experience their first orgasm so that they too may be part of the Brainiac Bubble?


Being the helpful person that I am, I’ve taken the initiative to lend you ladies a hand ( figuratively speaking )
– cost of batteries for your BOB = $5 or less
– cost of a non-battery operated bf = $10 and up
– recommendations for the women that are environmentally friendly, yes they have ‘green dildos’: click
– highly recommended: click
– for those where money is not an object ($1500 plus) and apparently highly endorsed by Howard Stern: click

Seriously, how the hell does someone get funding for these studies?  Is it a recruiting ploy by the porn industry to attract college coeds?  Was it funded by The Energizer Bunny?

ps. post title written that way on purpose because it illustrates the absurdity of this so called health news

Encroaching Enlightenment


My Buddha, The Cockroach

I was away from home for the first time in 12 years.First trip anywhere without the family. First trip with a girlfriend.First trip that turned out to be a 3 month backpacking adventure in Thailand. First 14 hours of a 72 hour determination, no sleep allowed, full on meditation, in a 10 by 25 foot room.First time attacked by a cockroach

How is it that you can go over 2 weeks without seeing a single solitary roach (which during the trip was a common occurrence) and then get attacked by one?Are roaches not worthy enough to be on temple grounds and this was a renegade roach?How did I find myself in this predicament?

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Are You Fresh and Sexy Just in Time for the Boys of Summer and Their Wood


Found in the many ads of the pages of Women’s Health magazine, I can’t help say that this caught my eye.  And not just because I’m Canadian.  Raises (or quite the opposite) some interesting questions, like, how does a woman tell if she could use a little upkeep down there?


And how offended would most of you ladies get if your hot and bothered lover pulls a bat flip on you after he  runs afoul when heading to your home plate?


What’s the best way to tell you that you could use this product is what I’m asking…share this post via email after the fact?

Botox – The Shit We Do To Ourselves

The warning from Health Canada reads:  Botox Can Spread

It has caused deaths.  In children.  Children??  Calm down before you scrunch your face so hard you’re a candidate for an injection too!  Apparently there are 2 forms of the product.  One for treatment of spasms and one for facial wrinkles.  Not sure how different the two are though.  For more on the warning

Botox Quick Stats brought to you by Women’s Health Magazine:


Which leads, maybe not, to something that would make you scratch your head:  Why the hell would you pay so much to put a toxin in your body/face that can (A) potentially kill you  (B) isn’t all that effective  (C) makes part of your face look like one of those under-the- skin zits not quite ready to pop  (D) was designed for biological warfare in WWII?